Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shoe Conundrum: Resolved!

Okay, so I have to be honest with you all. I was astounded by the response I got to my post debating whether or not to wear flip-flops with my wedding dress. As I said then, I am most definitely not a shoe girl--I just really don't care very much about what's on my feet--so I was really surprised by how many people weighed in, both pro- and anti-flip-flop!

I think, overall, the prevailing sentiment I got from the comments was it's your day! Do what you like!, which was nice to hear. However, the passion with which some commenters argued against the flip-flops really got me thinking. On top of that, MOH/Sister Lauren and Mom Octopus both seemed really lukewarm about the flip-flop idea. As in, when I broached the topic to them, they both literally said, "meeehhhhhhh......" So, I decided. Those adorable J. Crew flip-flops? OUT.


That meant I had to find a new pair. I started Internet window shoe-shopping in earnest, and here's what I was looking for:
1.) Flat. Flat flat flat flat. Not even a kitten heel--FLAT. As I've already mentioned, Mr. O's not much taller than me, I am incredibly awkward in heels, and I find them super-uncomfortable. I'm not ABOUT to volunteer myself to be an clumsy giant in pain on my wedding day.
2.) Under $100. I wanted to allocate most of my accessories budget to jewelry, which I love way more than shoes, and which will be much more visible.
3.) Neutral. Every time I see a photo of a bride with colored shoes, I think, "how adorable!", but for some reason, it just wasn't for me. I was looking for champagne, gold, ivory, or silver.
4.) Easy. I was determined not to over-think or stress out about this. I, like lots of brides, have definitely fallen prey to the tendency to obsess over minor details, and I did not want this to be one of those times. It's just a pair of shoes. I don't even care about shoes. So, I reminded myself a bunch of times: as soon as I find something cute that meets the criteria, buy them and don't look back.

So that's exactly what I did! After half an hour of cruising Piperlime, I found them: flat, under $100, neutral, cute. So I bought them, and I have no regrets! Here are my wedding shoes, the Steve Madden Florale flat.


And here's how they look on me:

I bought a size 8 (my usual size) and they're just a little too big, so I'm going to have to return them for a 7.5, which is slightly annoying, but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Want to hear the best part? Piperlime is a division of Gap, and Mom Octopus had a bunch of GapCard reward coupons, which brought the price down from $70 to $29.99. THEN! Mom Octopus remembered that, for some reason, she had accidentally overpaid her GapCard bill by $80 a while ago, and therefore had an $80 credit waiting to be used on her card. So these shoes then went from $29.99 to F-R-E-E FREE, baby!

I'm really glad to have this decision made, and to have a cute, comfy, FREE pair of shoes stashed away so I can freely move on to obsessing over other minor details. Hooray!

What were you looking for in your wedding shoes? Also, I'm not the only bride out there who seriously doesn't really care what her shoes look like, right? (Anybody?)

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