Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dessert, Carbs, Cheese, and Personal Touches


I've been invited to my first bridal shower! YAAAYYY!

I'm going to be a doubly-showered bride, mostly because my people are concentrated in two separate areas.

Original map from here.

#1 is where Mom Octopus is from, where I was born, and where all of her gigantic clan still lives. #2 is where I call home. It's where I grew up, where Dad Octopus's family is concentrated, and where all of our close family friends live. So, rather than asking one group to travel a few hours to meet the other, my family & bridesmaids just decided to have two!

Look how girly and pretty this invitation is. Bridesmaid/Cousin Katie picked it out, and chose it specifically because it features the font that's going to be all over our wedding stationery. Man, do I love an attentive bridesmaid with an eye for detail. ;)

Shower #1 is being planned and thrown by MOH/Sister Lauren and Bridesmaid/Cousin Katie, and although they have been extremely secretive about what exactly this shower will include, I'm pretty sure I have ample reason to be excited.

Reason #1:
MOH/Sister Lauren, who up to this point has been fully supportive of my wedding-planning mania but wasn't that into it herself, informed me the other day that she has been researching bridal showers on the Internet (including getting more and more invested in following Weddingbee for inspiration ideas) and has lots of "personal touches" on deck. She's got the bug now, y'all.

Reason #2:
A series of texts that transpired yesterday.
Bridesmaid/Cousin Katie: "Other than dessert what's your favorite food?"
Miss Octopus: "Anything bread/starch-based with creamy or cheesy sauces & toppings"
BM/C Katie: "Okay that's what I thought."

Uhhhhh, sounds to me like the menu may indeed be revolving around dessert, carbs, and cheese. I. AM. PUMPED.

Is anyone else's bridal shower top secret?

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