Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Really Gorgeous Wedding Bands

One of the most common questions people ask about my engagement ring is, "what kind of wedding band can you wear with that?"

Uh, good question. As you can see in these two pictures, the "basket" that holds my ring's center stone is really big, and set really far off from the band itself.

This means that my engagement ring does not fit with a regular wedding band at all. I've tried it on with a few wedding bands, and there is a significant, noticeable gap between them. I know some people are fine with this, but my compulsive self totes cannot handle the non-matchiness. In order to get the "flush-fitted" look I like, though, I would need a custom wedding band with a significant notch in it to match up against the basket of my e-ring.


Problem? I'm not really a fan of the way wedding bands with a deep inset in them look either. I'd like a wedding band that looks "complete" by itself. But I can't have that and wear it with my engagement ring. What to do??

NEVER FEAR! I've come up with a tentative, slightly unconventional plan for what to do about my engagement and wedding rings. I think I'm going to switch my engagement ring to be worn on my right ring finger, and wear a wedding band alone on my left ring finger. A little different from the norm, yes, but I kind of like the idea of having a symbol of my marriage to Mr. Octopus on both hands. I also like this option because, for whatever reason, the wedding bands I'm drawn to are quite a different style than my engagement ring, and I think they'd look better separate than together. Want to see?

I've been casually window-shopping for wedding bands for a while now, and rings with a floral, filigree, or scroll pattern have regularly caught my eye the most. At first, I was looking for a solid ring with an engraved pattern, like these:

(Top, middle, bottom.)

But then I found some photos where the rings themselves were crafted into a floral or decorative pattern, and it was game over. So delicate! So feminine! MUST HAAAAAVE!!! Take a look:





I love this look. LOVE! I'm especially excited because Mom and Dad Octopus gave me a slammin' graduation present last month: a gift certificate to a great local jeweler in my hometown, so I can custom-design the perfect wedding band. Isn't that such an awesome gift?? Mom Octopus knew I had been worried about where and how I'd get an affordable ring I loved, and totally came through with a great idea. I don't think I'll have the budget to have a really diamond-y wedding band like a few of the examples above, but hopefully I can find the room for a few little sparkles here and there. Can't waaaaait. It will be the first (and, probably, only) time I'll have the opportunity to design a custom piece of jewelry! I'm so excited to go in and see what the jewelers can do with my ideas.

How did you choose the style of your wedding band? If you have a difficult-to-fit engagement ring, what did you decide to do about your wedding band?

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