Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jewel Quest*

Here's a sampling of my June to-do list: research & arrange wedding day transportation (uuuggghhhhh), assemble all the parts of the invitations (I can't wait to never cut another envelope liner ever again), work on a detailed day-of and overall weekend timeline (boy do I wish I could afford a DOC), and choose wedding jewelry (WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!).

I love jewelry. Love it! I've been casually browsing jewelry options for quiiiiite a few months now, and I've got a couple of options that are now the heavy contenders. But first, I'll remind you what my (glorious, fabulous, can't wait to wear it) wedding dress looks like, so you know what I'm trying to match the jewelry up with.

Except you, Mr. Octopus! Don't read any further or I'll slap ya.

Oh, hello, lovah....

You can't see the trim under the bust and on the hip that well, but it's a combination of pearls and crystals sewn over some lace. It's a little sparkly and shimmery, although the pearls and crystals are all ivory like the dress, so it's a fairly understated effect.

So, okay. First of all, I ultimately decided not to get my ears pierced. Love the idea of earrings, hate the idea of piercings, can't be bothered to find a decent pair of clip-ons. Also, since I don't wear earrings any other time ever, I feel like I might actually look a little weird with earrings on. That means I'm pretty much looking for a necklace and a bracelet. So far, I've mostly focused on finding a necklace, because I figure that's going to be the real "statement" jewelry, and the bracelet will pretty much be an accent that complements it (and you should know that I do feel pretty ridiculous talking about jewelry with this level of analytical seriousness, haha). Anyhoodle, here are the necklaces that have made me think "OOOH!":

Necklace 1: LuxeDeluxe's "Diamond Glow"


I love the big statement this necklace makes, but I do wonder if it might be a little MUCH with my dress. I wear a lot of necklaces with pendants, though, and that big ol' crystal is very alluring to me. On the other hand, given that it's a fairly large (1") rhinestone, I wonder if it will look kind of, well, cheap? Con of this one: LuxeDeluxe (an Etsy seller) does not allow returns unless the jewelry is damaged. So, if I go for this one and decide I don't love it with the dress after all, well, too bad for me.

Necklace 2: Blue Nile Pearl Solitaire


This one is just so classic, simple, and elegant. Pro: The only real pearl (and real diamond) of the three necklaces. Con: Quite a bit more expensive than what I would ideally like to spend. Con Again: The pearl is only 6-6.5 millimeters in diameter, which is really pretty darn small. Pro Again: God, that's pretty. Also, I could wear it again and again and again basically forever.

Necklace 3: Kate Spade Scatter Necklace


I think this one strikes a nice balance between the bigness of the first one and the simplicity of the second. It's 32" long, so I'd probably wrap it around twice (that's what she said??). Also, it's the only one of the necklaces that's yellow gold, not white. If you remember, my shoes are metallic gold, and my bridesmaids are wearing metallic gold shoes and yellow gold jewelry (of their choice). To use another over-the-top phrase, a few ladies have expressed concern about the "clashing metallics" factor. I tend to think that my shoes will barely be seen and it won't be noticeable if my jewelry doesn't match the bridesmaids' jewelry, but maybe I'm wrong? Con of this necklace: it's the only one that doesn't have any sparkle factor, and I do love a little sparkle.

Hive, you haven't steered me wrong yet. I straight-up love hearing your feedback. So I'm going to request your advice and opinions yet again, and I'm going to debut my first poll to do so!

Which necklace do you think is the best fit for my dress?

Necklace 1 from LuxeDeluxe
Necklace 2 from BlueNile
Necklace 3 from Kate Spade
None of them! Keep looking!

What's your jewelry going to look like, and where are you getting it? If you picked "none," do you have any other suggestions?

*This post title is a shout-out/inside joke to MOH/Sister Lauren. She knows why.

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