Monday, June 28, 2010

Scraps, Bits, and Pieces

Oh, uh, hey guys! So, you know my wedding? The one I blog about, and that's happening in 89 days? I'm wondering if, perhaps, you've noticed that I haven't posted any actual evidence of projects related to that wedding in quite some time. It's not because there aren't any happening! I swear!

I've actually been really busy with a whole bunch of wedding projects, and I'm excited about how it's all turning out. The only problem? Nothing's finished! I've got scraps and bits and pieces of different things laying all around the house, but for various reasons (mostly related to money and materials), I can't fully wrap up any of them yet. Related note: does it drive any of my fellow type-A brides NUTS when you have a thing on your to-do list that's 90% finished, but because of that remaining unfinished 10%, you can't check it off yet? There are like four different things on my list that are taunting me in this fashion. I am so neurotic.

Anyway, I thought I would give you all a few shots of the things I've got on deck, just to reassure you that there is, in fact, a wedding in the works over here.

Table numbers, which I decided not to complete until I pick our table linens, so I can decide what color backing (shimmer gold? shimmer copper? shimmer chocolate?) would look best with the tablecloths. Like the chairs, this is the type of thing that, a year ago, I could not have ever imagined I would think about, let alone care about. Yet here we are. I'm just going to roll with it.

Rough draft of booklets for the out-of-town bags (not gonna lie, I LOVE these already)....

This is not the shade of red I was envisioning. Either my computer or my printer needs some tweaking. In other news, holy shit! I made that map ALL BY MYSELF!

Pretty, pretty, pretty, shimmery chocolate brown invitation envelopes....

....and faux-ligraphy (yes he is totes invited although I'm not sure that's the correct address).....

....and envelope liners, which were an absurdly time-consuming and unnecessary little detail, but suuuuuure are pretty.....

....and, oh hey! My wedding jewelry arrived! I was leaning strongly toward the necklace from LuxeDeluxe to go with my wedding dress, and the hive concurred with me, so I pulled the trigger and went for it. Also, reader kjpugs reassured me that LuxeDeluxe's jewelry looks a lot bolder online than it does in person, which turned out to be true--that 1" crystal doesn't look nearly as flashy as I worried it would. So thanks, kjpugs!

In this one you can see the pretty pearl bracelet I also ordered from LuxeDeluxe to match. Although you can't tell in this MySpace-esque self portrait, it has little crystals between the pearls. SPARKLY!!!

So there you go: the half-baked state of my wedding planning.

September brides, how are your projects shaping up?

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