Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Total Bomb of a Hair Trial

I walked into my hair trial appointment in Pittsburgh with the following things:

These inspiration pictures....

(All from here.)

This unwashed hair (thanks to Miss Nachos' insistence!).....

And the information that the salon's own front desk had given me, which was that bridal updos cost fifty dollars, and bridesmaids somewhat less than that.

I walked out thirty minutes later, with thirty-five fewer dollars in my checking account, with this hair "style":

The stylist I met told me as soon as I walked in that my hair was too short to style, pinned it into a loose ballerina bun and said there was nothing else she could do to hair as short as mine, took it back down and put it into a ponytail, and charged me over a dollar a minute to do it. And also let me know that bridal updos are actually eighty-five dollars, and bridesmaids are seventy. UGH. Total letdown all around.

It was especially frustrating because, since we are planning from so far out of town, we have to get the "in-person" planning done in massive, short chunks. This hair trial fail fell in the midst of a whirlwind, jam-packed recent trip to Pittsburgh, and as of right now, I don't think I'll be able to visit again for at least two more months. It's really a bummer when vendor consultations I expect to result in a booking actually lead me right back to square one.

Have you had disappointing vendor meetings? Out-of-town brides, do you also get really frustrated by wasting your on-location planning time on dud consultations?


  1. Ok, I must know where you went...I'm still looking for salons in Pittsburgh for my hair trials. I was just there last weekend for our tasting and we looked a florists too. The food was great but the florists were fails. I have to keep looking. Boo.

  2. Get a second opinion. I've had my hair shorter than that and have been able to get it put in and updo. Seriously, I'm SURE you'll find someone who can help you with this (and who will be nicer about it!).

  3. @Mary: I have had many, many florist fails myself. I seriously have contacted....eight? Ten? Ugh.

    @Alicia: I think so too! I'm definitely not going to use this place.

  4. Ohhh my goodness - I can't believe that! My hair is DEFINITELY shorter than yours, and my stylist has never had a problem achieving an updo...even when it has been around chin-length! That individual was incredibly unprofessional; I am so shocked that she would even charge you...yuck! I hope you find someone who WILL work with you :)

  5. @Katie: Thank you! I actually spent the whole time thinking, "there's NO WAY she could be planning to charge me for this..." so my jaw almost hit the ground when they told me thirty-five bucks! I thought about protesting, but didn't want to make a big scene over someone I wasn't ever going to use again.