Friday, March 12, 2010

A-Registerin' We Will Go

Mr. Octopus and I were both really, really, really excited to get cracking on our wedding registry.

Picking a barware set is serious business.

OH MAH GAH! How am I going to choose from all this dinnerware goodness?

He and I have lived together for a long time--we're in the midst of the fourth year now, in fact--but our stuff is super grubby. Almost everything we own is left over from our college days, and most of it wasn't even new when we got it, but dug out of our parents' basements in order to furnish our crappy apartments. The worst offender? Oh, please don't judge me when I tell you this, but we are still using the bright pink and purple bath towels that my mom helped me pick out at Bed Bath & Beyond to bring with me to my freshman year of undergrad. Which was eight years ago. So, yeah, you couldn't get that scanner gun in our hands fast enough.

It took me a couple tries to figure out how to work it properly, though.

We decided to register at Macy's and Target. We did the in-store thing at Macy's, but built the Target registry completely online, which was really, really easy. In fact, both of our registries have been really easy to keep up with so far. My only complaint is that I get promotional spam from Macy's in my e-mail inbox alllllll the tiiiiiime now.

Anyway, want to see some of the goodies I'm most excited about?


AN ESPRESSO MACHINE! This is my number one really, really, really hoped-for gift. To me, having a latte in the morning is one of life's small joys (and on the flip side, I am an angry crazy lady without one). I might bring this to bed with me and snuggle with it if someone gives it to us.

Real grown-up fluffy bath towels in grown-up colors (we ordered pistachio and white).


Mr. O is a badass cook, and he bought a KitchenAid stand mixer on sale a few years ago (it was on sale because it's a hideous deep orange color, but whatevs). His homemade pasta already blows my mind, and if he gets this pasta roller, he will step up his pasta-making game even further (and I will carbo-load like a fiend).


Le Creuset French oven. See above, re: badass cook.


A thick, warm, luxurious down comforter, because the one on our bed right now is the same one I've been using since high school. To be fair, down comforters are made to have a long life, but I'm pumped about upgrading.

We also requested a bunch of more basic (and less expensive!) things, of course, but I would be most giddy and thankful about receiving that particular espress--err, those things.

What's your most hoped-for registry item?

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