Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Paranoid Bride

Am I the only bride-to-be who has crazy fears floating around in her head about things that could go wrong on the wedding day? I'm not talking about fears that would be reasonable to have--what if people don't have fun, what if a vendor screws us over, and so on--I'm talking about totally bizarre, paranoid, no-reason-to-believe-that-would-ever-happen fears.

Mine is that either my groom or I will come down with the stomach flu, or food poisoning, the night before/day of the wedding.

Charlotte and Harry demonstrate my nightmare.

There is no logical basis for this fear. Mr. O and I rarely-to-never get stricken with stomach viruses, and there's no earthly way of predicting or preventing why do I worry about it? I really have no idea. I seem to remember reading some wedding horror story online in which the groom got so violently ill with food poisoning the night before the wedding that he barely made it through the ceremony without puking, then had to be hauled off to the hospital immediately afterward. The reception went on, but everyone was completely deflated, and the groom spent the rest of the day with an IV in. It struck me at the time as The Worst Thing Ever, and ever since, I occasionally have moments of "EEEEEK! WHAT IF ONE OF US GETS TOO SICK FOR THE WEDDING!!!!"

I think it's just something about the idea that, out of all the days in a whole lifetime, it would be that one day that gets stricken with a totally absurd, illogical, unpredictable game-changer that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I mean, after all that money, all that planning, all that poisoning? Really?

Yikes, I don't even want to talk about it anymore for fear of jinxing myself. So there you have it: my totally cuckoo-bananas wedding fear. What's yours?

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