Monday, March 22, 2010

Non-Drugstore-Brand Makeup = LOVE

I loveity-love-love makeup, and always have. Given my super-brokeness, most of the makeup in my current stash is of the $3 easy, breezy, beautiful variety, but I love playing around with it all the same.

(Side note: I think part of being a makeup aficionado is going through some tragic stages. I went through a period during ninth or tenth grade where I wore liquid eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow as part of my regular makeup routine. To school, during the day, every day. Please, somebody out there, console me and tell me I'm not alone!)

Anyway, I was really excited about my makeup trial in Pittsburgh, especially because the artist I was trying had a really nice-looking portfolio. I brought along this photo of my #1 girl crush, Christina Hendricks, who in addition to being a voluptuous bombshell goddess, has coloring pretty similar to mine.


I went in looking like this...

AAAAHHH I am putting this on the Internet for people to look at freely!

And came out like this!

Woooo! My eyebrows are a hot mess in this picture! I was waiting until Bridesmaid Erica's wedding to get them waxed.

Recognize this one?

It didn't end up looking that much like C-Hen, I don't think, but not for lack of trying. Julie, the makeup artist, started out with that glam, silvery cat's-eye thing Christina's got going on, but I kind of hated it on me, so she added some other shades to soften it up a little. Overall, I really loved what she did, and booked her right there on the spot! It also held up through the entire day and several hours of St. Patrick's Day festivities with two of our groomsmen later that night, so thumbs up all around!

What look were you going for in your first ideas for makeup? Did you stick to it, or change it up a little?


  1. I'm probably also going to end up using Julie - I've seen recommendations for her in a LOT of places! Hopefully my results will be as good as yours :)

  2. @Heather: Thank you! I absolutely recommend Julie wholeheartedly! She did a great job with me, listened to my concerns, and fixed the few things I didn't like. I'm sure you'll like your results!

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