Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Hope I'm Not Alone.... having certain random little wedding planning details on the horizon that strike fear into my heart. Mine? Escort cards. Shudder.

I know exactly where my dread of escort cards came from. About a month after Mr. O and I got engaged, I attended a childhood friend's wedding with my family. Later, my sister and I were talking about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into pulling off a wedding, and she said, "Just think about that place card table from today. We spent barely thirty seconds walking up to that table, grabbing our cards, and walking away without a second thought, but SOMEONE had to go buy those little cards, make a seating chart for all one hundred and fifty people, write every single person's name and table number ON the little cards, alphabetize them all, then arrange them nicely on the table." Gulp. Ever since that conversation, those damn little cards have been the one particular detail that gives me heart palpitations.

But no more! In my ritual quarterly browsing of Martha Stewart Weddings, I noticed a potential solution to my problem:


Seating chart boards! Specifically, the seating chart boards used at the wedding of Hello!Lucky designer Eunice Moyle. I've seen seating chart boards before, but hers really caught my eye, because they incorporate my love of both kooky fonts AND graphics of vintage-style hands pointing at things, a la our save-the-dates.

Eunice used table namesake animals, rather than numbers--hence the little pink tabs with the animal pictures. (Source.)

Now, I'm sure we would not have ours made so ginormously.....I think the more realistic option would be to go poster-sized, then placed on an easel to display during cocktail hour.

Obviously, it's way too early to be creating something like this (we're still hammering out the details of who is even on the guest list, EYE ROLL TIMES ONE MILLION) but I feel relieved in knowing that I can avoid the task of writing everyone's names on the little cards entirely. Especially since I completely plan on farming the design of these boards out to our awesome stationery designer.

Oh, and also, if you haven't seen it already, you should go check out the rest of the photos from Eunice Moyle's wedding! Especially if you're into hot pink and/or quirkiness, but even if you just like drooling over events with an extremely cohesive style, brought to life beautifully.

Do you have a wedding task that you just dread? Have you found a way to manage it as painlessly as possible yet?

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