Monday, January 18, 2010


When I first started shopping for my wedding dress, the thought of a veil hadn't really crossed my mind. I was sure I wanted one--I love the classic bridal look they create--but 'veil: wear one' was as far as the plan went. I tried on a few different styles here and there, and mostly went "ehhhh...". Until, out of curiosity, I donned the biggest, bride-iest, veil-iest veil in the store. A big ol' cathedral-length veil with a thin ribbon trim that extended past the train of my dress. I saw the way the light ivory tulle floated out from my hair, hovered behind my shoulders, and trailed lightly behind me on the floor, and I was in pink-puffy-heart love. I knew that I most definitely wanted to wear what I super-classily deemed "the big-ass veil."

And then the attendant told me that it cost $175. Yooowwwwch. The veil was bee-yoo-tiful, all right--but $175? For a long piece of tulle attached to a plastic comb? Couldn't do it.

I still really, really wanted a big-ass veil, though. Solution? Hire Bridesmaid Clara's amazingly talented seamstress mom to make one for me instead! She feels sure that with a few inspiration pictures and some Internet research, she can turn out a gorgeous cathedral veil with no problems, at an itty-bitty fraction of the retail price. Hooray!

Now, some pictures!


Cute, wreath-bedecked French bulldog is an added bonus of this picture! (Source.)

And now, some Weddingbee love:

Mrs. Cherry Pie

Mrs. Caramel

Mrs. Daffodil

Mrs. Lemon

Oooh, Lawdy. Something about those long, floaty veils just gives me the tingles. I can't wait to see what Bridesmaid Clara's mom comes up with.

What kind of veil are you going to wear? Or are you going to skip it altogether!

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