Monday, January 25, 2010


Lately, I've been spending a fairly ridiculous amount of time pondering our guestbook options. It seems like a really small detail, but in my defense, I'm pretty fond of keepsakes like that, and Mr. O is literally the most nostalgic person I've ever met in my life, so a guestbook full of messages from our friends and family is something we would both definitely cherish. Also, it's a way, way more entertaining mental diversion than my grad school assignments.

I've narrowed the options down to two, but now I'm waffling like an Eggo about which one to choose!

Option One: Postcards

Mr. Octopus and I have had a fairly nomadic life together, moving from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas to Boston in the span of five years, so I thought it would be cool to gather up an assortment of postcards from all the places we've lived. Our guests could choose a postcard and write a little note on it, and we would put them together into an album after the wedding.

I MAY have screeched out loud over the greatness of these vintage-style postcards from zazzle seller feedmelinguini.

Option Two: MyPublisher Photo Album
The other choice I really like is to assemble a whole mess of pictures from the course of our relationship and publish them in a photo album. Then, people could use metallic markers to sign the pages. I like the idea of being able to show people a photo timeline of the years we've been together. The one downside is that many of my favorite pictures of us couldn't be included, because they were taken on--how quaint!--my old film camera. But we would get to feature some goodies like these, from our old-timey college years:

Road trip to Niagara Falls

This was taken at a regular ol' frat party, but we are so in luuuurrrve!

Halloween 2003. He was "a monkey with a mullet" and I was a firefighter. Okay, a SEXY firefighter. Forgive me, I was nineteen.

Or some recent shots:

Vacation to Alaska!

Daffodil's got better things to do than look into the camera for a family portrait.

Although I do feel that, for propriety's sake, some pictures (from back in the day, before we were real grown-ups) that absolutely crack me up will not be able to make the cut.....

.....because it is so obvious that hearty amounts of alcohol were involved in the photographic process.

I didn't even bother to put down my can of Miller High Life for this one. The champagne of beers!

I'm leaning towards the photo album, because I think it's more personal and we'll both really enjoy looking back through it, but I'm not sure.

What are you doing for your guestbook? Which one of these options would you choose?

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