Friday, January 8, 2010

Bust Out the Umbrellas....

...cause it's shower-plannin' time! (Har har. Oh, puns.) With Bridesmaid Erica's own wedding a mere three months away, her fabulous wedding party (including yours truly) has teamed up, compared ideas, and delegated the jobs!

(Bridesmaid Erica, I don't know how much you actually read my blog, but don't read this post!! K BYE.)

The theme of Erica's shower is "Asian/Cherry Blossoms." We decided on that because our lovely bride has a great affinity for Japanese culture (she's visited Japan a bunch of times, speaks the language, and lived/worked there for a year and a half after college). She also loves cherry blossoms--as evidenced by the gaaawwwgeous tattoo of them she has on her ribs!!--because they represent both Japan and her hometown and wedding location, Washington DC. Maid of Honor Kelly has been collecting all sorts of things in the Asian/cherry blossom vein for decor and favors over the past year, and now it's my job to keep up the theme by planning the food and drinks menu!

Given that my favorite food group is appetizers--seriously, my daily meal plan would consist exclusively of baby quiche and phyllo cups full of melted brie cheese if I had my way--I am super pumped about this responsibility. I have been diligently Googling and racking my brain, and here are the ideas I've got so far.

Chicken and beef skewers with dipping sauces

(Sources here and here.)

Don't these look delicious? I think they'd be really tasty with little side dishes of teriyaki sauce and peanut sauce.

Asian-spiced chicken wings


Dave Lieberman from the Food Network recommends seasoning them with Chinese five-spice and serving them with creamy cilantro sauce. SLOBBER.

Summer rolls


I thought these might be a nice, light addition to the menu. I mean, I can easily make an entire meal out of the aforementioned chicken wings, but maybe more sensible people might not.



Especially because Erica loves these!

Asian-themed salad


My particular favorite spin on this type of salad involves spring greens, mandarin oranges, almonds slivers, and crispy noodles.

Specialty fortune cookies

I know some people don't find fortune cookies particularly tasty, but I actually like them, and what about if they're covered in chocolate? A thick layer of chocolate quadruples the deliciousness of basically anything! Also, these have a particular meaning, because Erica's fiance proposed to her with a message inside a fortune cookie.

Non-Asian food that still sticks to the theme

(Sources here, here, and here.)

I thought it might be nice to include some options that weren't strictly based in Asian flavors, but stayed in line with the general decor scheme. Dessert sushi = adorable. Snacks served in bamboo boxes = adorable. Cupcakes decorated with little cherry blossoms = HIGHLY adorable.

My menu-planning skillz are failing me a little on this one. What are some ideas for Asian-themed drinks (boozy and non-boozy) that would be yummy at an early afternoon shower? I was thinking about maybe some kind of lychee punch?

Has anyone else planned a friend's shower before? Have any advice or suggestions, about the menu or otherwise?


  1. Great ideas for the food, I would LOVE to attend a shower with food like that! As far as drinks, I think lychee punch would be awesome but not necessary...Champagne is always nice...Also, maybe you could do a pink drink (like, pink lemonade, seltzer and vodka?) to tie in with the pink cherry blossoms and just decorate the drink table with cherry blossom-type flowers...Either way, sounds awesome!

  2. @Runrgurl10, good idea on pink drinks! That would be so cute with the cherry blossom theme! Thanks!

  3. I love the dessert sushi!! Such a cute idea and ps. all those food pics make me super hungry!