Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things I Did This Weekend

Drove (or, to be more specific, rode shotgun) from Boston to my fabulous, beautiful hometown in fabulous, beautiful upstate NY.

Took a dip down to Pennsylvania to apply for our marriage license. Awesome Pennsylvania loophole: while some states require that you get your marriage license in the county that you'll be married in, PA does not. So, we took a little detour down to Tioga County and got a marriage license for $35. The very same marriage license would have cost us $75 in Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh (and the wedding) is located. SCORE!

Freaked out with glee at how great Mom Octopus looks in her MOB dress. For realz, she looks so great.

Made two members of our bridal party (Groomsman/Brother Adam and Bridesmaid Hannah) play dress up. I also fashioned a mock bouquet for Hannah using some flowers that were in generally the same color family (deep purple, dark raspberry pink, burgundy, and deep red) as their bridesmaid bouquets will be. Except the lavender flowers here will actually be a deep, rich purple in theirs. Anyway, I nearly peed my pants when I saw them in their bridal party outfits. Uhhhh, I think I love my wedding, y'all.

Had a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bridal shower. This was my second shower, and it featured the king of meals: brunch. We had scones (and if you live anywhere near central NY and have not yet had a scone from Sophie's in Big Flats, NY, you need to get yourself over there now. Do you hear me, Locket?), four kinds of hash brown casserole, fruit salad, chicken salad, cake, and mimosas. Heavennnnnn.

Groomsman/Brother Adam is home from college for the summer and some of Mr. Octo's relatives came up from his hometown in northeastern PA for the shower, so they hung out for most of the shower. They skipped out to go swimming when it was time for presents, though.


These scones are the best I've ever had. I love you Sophie's.

Cakes, also from Sophie's: Niagara Falls cake (chocolate cake filled with Swiss buttercream & topped with ganache), carrot cake, & riesling cake (an almond cake flavored with wine).

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for his first bridal shower experience.

Grammy Octopus prepared this "identify the spice by scent" game. Groomsman/Brother Adam, who is in culinary school, won the game with 7 out of 8 correct.

I have a ribbon bouquet already from my first shower, so they prepared me a ribbon bonnet.

The lovely shower hostesses: Grammy Octopus, Aunt Octopus, Octopus Family Friend 1, and Octopus Family Friend 2. They are Bridesmaid Leigha's and Bridesmaid Hannah's moms, respectively. Our families spend so much time together it's almost a little gross.

Went to Sam's Club with Mom Octopus and began to plan the OOTHOOTBs (Octopi's Off-the-Hook Out-of-Town Bags).

Screwed around with Mr. O, Groomsman/Brother Adam, and Bridesmaid Hannah. And Daffodil.

Put on a giant pair of sweatpants and a giant sweatshirt and took my contacts out. Best way to end a busy day, am I right or am I right?

Said to Mom and Dad Octopus, "okay, well, the next time I see you guys, it will be two days before the wedding!" 26 days, folks. OOOMMMGGGGZZZZ.

What did you do this weekend?

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