Sunday, August 1, 2010

My First Instance of Bride Brain

Our RSVPs have begun to roll in steadily, and I have been trying to play it cool about just how excited I am to go to the mailbox every day and find a few more little cards. One of the things I've been enjoying the most is how many people have gone out of their way to add a little note or a joke to us--sweet things like "we can't wait to share in your joy!", or, from my recently-married best friend, an asterisk next to her "number attending" to let me know that she might also be bringing some friends who were going to be in town that weekend, and their dates, and possibly a baby or two, but she wasn't sure yet, and would let me know a few days before the wedding. Oh, bride inside jokes. Or, my favorite so far, an RSVP from a friend of Mr. O's, with whom he has a number of running jokes about robots:

But here's the card that threw me for a huge loop yesterday:

I looked at this card and said to Mr. Octo, "Mom and Dad?! Who the HELL are Mom and Dad?!! Who did we invite that would refer to themselves as 'Mom and Dad' on their card?? They RSVPd for four people!!! This could be ANYONE'S Mom and Dad! Why didn't they tell me their names?! Who the hell is this from, seriously?!"

Mr. O took one glance at the card and said, "Um, Miss Octo, I think it's from your mom and dad. That's your dad's handwriting. It's an RSVP for your parents and brother and sister, that's who the four people are."



......OH. Also: HAHAHAHAHA!

I couldn't stop laughing relaying this story to my mom. I wish you all could have heard how much indignance I managed to spit out in the phrase "who the HELL are Mom and Dad?!" I think I've gone over our guest list so many times by now that I've internalized the way we addressed people on their envelopes, and since the RSVP didn't come in labeled "The Octopus Family," as I was expecting, it just Did. Not. Compute. My poor bride brain.

Also, this all could have been solved by numbering our RSVP cards. No, I didn't number our RSVP cards. I completely forgot about it until, like, three days after they were already mailed. Whoops. Let's hope Mr. Octo retains his cool-headed mystery-solving skills in the days ahead. Number your RSVP cards, ladies!

Have you had a "bride brain" moment yet?

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