Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wedding That Is

When I left off, I was getting myself worked up into a tizzy over the way our wedding would look. I was getting so hung up on the idea of needing to have a distinct motif on which to base all my choices that it was making me feel stressed and pressured.

So I said, "this is for the birds!" and decided to scrap the idea of a theme entirely. It was making me feel unnecessarily flipped out, so I gave up on having some kind of narrative which I could use to precisely match all the different elements of our wedding. Now, I'm just using some basic guidelines to make our decisions.

The colors are jewel tones of red and purple, with accents of gold.

(Sources: here and here.)

The atmosphere of our reception venue is quirky, whimsical, and striking,

(Source: a Flickr stream that has been removed since I grabbed this photo.)

so I'm looking for decor that accompanies that.

I've been thinking about different shapes of bud vases filled with varieties of flowers, as well as these ridiculously awesome votives wrapped with vellum-printed book pages. (Sources: here and here.)

I'm planning to include details that are personalized, fun, festive, and feel like "us."

I love, love, looooove when people display photos at weddings. (Source.)

Having these personalized buttons for guests to pin all over their clothes--which my guests WILL do--slays me with its cuteness. Sources here and here.

Taking this lackadaisical approach to decor/detail planning makes me feel a lot better. I think the combination of following the very basic plan outlined above,
just trusting my instincts, and trying not to get overly analytical about things that, in the grand scheme of things, are pretty minor is a recipe for success. It's all going to turn out fine.

How did you decide your vision for your wedding? Was having a theme helpful or burdensome to you?

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