Friday, December 18, 2009

Photography Fears

I have a fear that keeps creeping around in the back of my brain, and it has to do with our wedding day photography. No, it doesn't concern Corey Ann--she's going to be fabulous--but I am worried about someone else who will be heavily involved in the pictures taken on that day in September.

The person who raises a couple of red flags for me is Mr. Octopus.

Why? Well, instead of giving you an elaborate explanation, let me offer you the following exhibit which demonstrates his favorite and instantaneous reaction to having a camera in his presence. Believe me when I say that the following collage is just a tiny fraction of the body of evidence showing the way he responds to having his picture taken:

Maybe you were wondering if he also enjoys striking ridiculous poses in front of the camera? The answer to that, too, is a resounding yes:

Okay, so I actually think this hobby of his is kind of hilarious. I laughed the entire time I was compiling those pictures. Honestly, I won't mind if he goofs around in (....some of) the portraits, because it is just so, so, so, so him. I am also reassured by the fact that he does manage to smile appropriately sometimes, and looks quite handsome doing it.

However, you also better believe that I will NOT be the one trying to explain to his grandmother why we have wedding portraits that look like this:

Is your fiance silly in front of a camera? Are you going to try to make sure he gets it together for the photographer?

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  1. My FI isn't silly in photos...he just hates to have his photo taken these days...I am hoping things will change though cuz I want a confident looking groom by my side in our wedding pics