Monday, December 21, 2009

I Will Have to Get My Fill of Twirly Dresses Elsewhere

Flower girls (and their outfits) are completely adorable, right?

Tutu Princess and Sassy Face found here.


JCREW SRSLY STOP IT!! You know gold is one of my wedding colors!!

However, despite all the cute twirly dress potential, we won't have any little kids bringin' the precious to our wedding party. The reason behind this decision is actually a good thing: we are lucky enough to have an overabundance of candidates!

Check out this laundry list: Mr. Octopus is the doting uncle of four beautiful nieces, ranging in age from three to nine. I have a five-year-old cousin who, in addition to being cute beyond belief, is also the fanciest girly-girl in town. Rounding out the potential flower girl pool is Bridesmaid Clara's gorgeous daughter, who will be just shy of her second birthday by the time the wedding rolls around. Grand total? Six children who would all make outstanding flower girls.

Now, you may disagree, but in my opinion, six flower girls is liiiiiittle bit of overkill. I feel like they'd look like a (cute) small army coming down the aisle. Also, more practically speaking, there is no way we could manage to fit six pomanders/flower petal baskets/whatever into the floral budget.

If I could throw some math at you, an average quote of forty-five dollars for something like this x 6 = Hell. No.

Mr. O and I were absolutely not willing to pick one or two of the girls and leave the rest out, so we made the call: no kids in the wedding party at all. I think a few people were a little disappointed at first, but everyone was very understanding and supportive of our rationale, so it all worked out okay.

The good news is, we are inviting children to the wedding--and there are a lot of children on our guest list--so hopefully we will make up for no cute-flower-girl photos with lots of excited-kids-dancing photos:

(Sources here and here.)

Did you decide to have flower girls (or ring bearers), or not? What was the rationale for your choice?

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