Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awesome Food

Heh heh heh hahahaha. That is the sound of my nervous laughter because our wedding is FIFTEEN DAYS AWAY. I mean, what? How did this happen? I have been feeling more than a little unglued in the past week or so, and I truly did not expect that I would. All that is really a post for another day, but the long and short of it is that your eight-legged friend here is pretty frazzled, and I'm going to do my very best to keep posting in the next fifteen days, but you know. I'm taking it one day at a time.

Anyway, here is a light and fun subject we can discuss: FOOD! When Mom Octopus and I made our final planning trip to Pittsburgh in July, we had a tasting of several of the things that will be on our dinner menu, and it was seriously uh-may-zing.

During cocktail hour, we're having a cheese table and a fruit & vegetable table. Mom Octo and I got to try some of the offerings from the cheese table. Now, listen. Cheese is my all-time favorite food, and I have great love for a well-assembled cheese plate. Big Burrito's cheese plate was AWESOME.

GAH! Baguette! Blackberries! Dried figs! CHARCUTERIE (fancy deli meat)! I can't tell you what kinds of cheeses will actually be on our cheese table, because apparently Big Burrito opts to use whichever cheeses are currently the freshest and best-tasting from the local independent dairy they work with. I had no idea that local independent dairies even existed near Pittsburgh, but hey, awesome. Independent, locally-sourced food is usually delicious and good for the environment, AND is super-trendy in the blogosphere right now, so win-win-win! (C'monnnn, you know it's true.)

Then we moved on to tasting our dinner options.

Not pictured: the salad greens representing our salad station. What can I tell you? It's mesclun greens with tons and tons of topping options. The mesclun greens are also organic and locally-grown. I am so on point with the Internet right now.

Also not pictured: the carving station options, because we didn't have the chance to try them. It's a fairly standard carving station, I think. We're having roasted turkey breast and grilled marinated flank steak. The turkey breast is served with two sauce options: rosemary poultry jus and red pepper cream sauce. The steak is also served with two sauce choices: horseradish creme fraiche and chipotle BBQ sauce. The station also includes garlic mashed potatoes (which we did taste, and they were SLAMMIN') and grilled vegetables.

Then, the fun one! The Pittsburgh station!

My mouth actually just watered looking at these photos again. The Pittsburgh station will serve one of my favorite foods--pierogies--but not just any old pierogies. Pierogies stuffed with aged cheddar cheese and black truffle mashed potatoes, topped with caramelized onions. Big Burrito prepares them in a skillet, so they get that dry, brown crispness on the outside. I AM NOT getting up to make the rounds greeting our tables until I have eaten one of them.

The Pittsburgh station will also feature sausage-stuffed cabbage rolls (pictured next to the pierogies), rigatoni with spicy tomato sauce, and grilled kielbasa with sauerkraut. I really hope people like this station, because I think it is glorious. I know it's a little unconventional for wedding food, but it's also, in my humble opinion, fun and festive and SUPREMELY DELICIOUS. In fact, I just decided that I am going to practice positive thinking, and instead of telling myself "OMG, the wedding is two weeks away, soooooo nerve-wracking!", I will tell myself, "OMG, eating pierogies in two weeks is going to be pure bliss!" (I have been eating lightly and healthfully for two weeks. Lots of salads, no desserts. It is so grim, y'all.)

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this quick tour through the Octo Wedding Menu. I enjoyed thinking about it again. Pierogies! Carbs stuffed with carbs and cheese, grilled in butter and topped with sour cream!

Me in fifteen days. (Source.)

Are you serving any slightly unusual food options at your wedding?

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