Monday, September 20, 2010

After-Party Dress: The Results

Okay, so a little while ago, I wrote about how I had developed a crippling case of lust over a blingy, over-the-top, super-fun after-party dress.


Problem? It was $138. You all were very, very, very persuasive about convincing me I should--or needed--to buy that dress. I went so far as to put it in my shopping cart and stare at it for a good, long while. But in the end? I just couldn't pull the trigger on it. Normally, I'd have no problem spending $138 on a cocktail dress (in fact, I think that's a pretty good price for a cocktail dress). The issue with this one was that I knew in my heart that I'd never, ever wear it again. I never wear ivory, I don't usually wear sheath silhouettes, I often wear sparkles but never THAT much, and considering all the money we've been dropping on everything else......I just couldn't spend $138 on a total one-off vanity purchase.

I didn't give up on my after-party dress dreams, though. My pragmatic mom and sister both suggested, "why don't you just wear some jeans and a cute top?" This was obviously the sensible route, but no. I just desperately wanted a fun, cheap white party dress. I looked everywhere. Macy's, Target, Forever 21, H&M, TJ Maxx, the vintage store up the street. Nothing! Nothing anywhere! I was very, very close to giving up and going the jeans-and-top route after all, when yesterday......while out shopping for paper products and honeymoon, ahem, outfits........I FOUND IT.

Marshall's. $29. Giant fake flower, polka dots, fluffy tulle skirt. Juuuuust ridiculous, over-the-top, fun, and cheap enough to meet the criteria. I went ahead and donned my wedding accessories to give you a better vision, but you'll have to fill in the blanks on the updo, fake eyelashes, and feathery hair item.

The fit in the bust is definitely not ideal, but whaaaatevs. It was $29 and I'll be wearing it for a max of two hours, and everyone will be drunk anyway.

My photographer, Mr. Octo, felt like a foot-in-the-air pose was appropriate with the skirt.

I am psyched about finding this dress! Fluffy skirts and polka dots are much more my speed than sequined sheaths anyway, and at $29, I don't feel guilty about buying it. Score!

Are you having an after-party, and did you want a particular type of outfit for it?

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