Wednesday, May 19, 2010


You guys, I freaking love fonts. ("lots of unusual fonts" is basically the closest I've gotten to a wedding theme, after all.....). I have A Thing about font consistency--I always notice and appreciate it when companies (or websites, or blogs, or obsessive-compulsive brides) use a recognizable series of fonts in their products.

So, "pick wedding fonts" was an item on my to-do list that stared me down for weeks. Yes, really. I finally spent a rabid 36 hours rampaging around on DaFont, and after a few missteps and failed trial combinations, I picked out the fonts I'm going to use all over our DIY paper products. I mean, don't get it twisted, it's not like there's going to be a ton of DIY paper products to behold, but hey. The things here and there that I DO make will have a badass font scheme all over them!

This is one of the fonts that was all over our save-the-dates. It'll be all up in our invitation suite's business, too. I love you and your regal little lines, EcuyerDAX.

I have been lusting over this font forever. Gah! Look how pretty! It has blobs in it like it was written with a real ink pen! It looks like somebody really fancy and old-timey and classy wrote it, AND I LOVE IT.

I picked this one because it wasn't as dramatic as the first two, but still interesting.

This was the last font I picked--I felt like I needed a normal, less decorative font for big chunks of text, where the words needed to be more on the legible than the pretty side.

Now that I'm just about four months away from the wedding (which, OMG WHAT!!!??!, by the way), I've been messing around with all my little font friends, testing out some mock-ups of things I'm eventually going to have to make for real. Wanna see a few quick tests?

For a little note in our OOT bags....

Our names on the cover of the ceremony programs....

The bar menu (oh, yeah, about that. Still not figured out. Can you tell?)....

Haha, whoops, looks like Microsoft Word doesn't know what Yuengling is. Your loss, Word!

What do you think? Also, can you reassure me that I'm not the only one who cares, like, a freakish amount about fonts?


  1. Hello,

    Can you tell me the name of the second font.

  2. Reading this years later, and I can assure you, you're not alone! We're starting a new group: FA - Fontaholics Anonymoys. ;-p Sláinte ~ Kiki aka mcgaelicgal

    1. PS. May you live happily ever after! PPS. I'm a crazy dog lady too. (special needs rescues -- check us out at facebook/McAdamFurkids)