Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ninth Time's the Charm

Finding a florist was, by far, the most torturous process in my wedding planning. Honesty first: I had a very, very bare-bones floral budget, and I couldn't find any possible way to juggle the money enough to beef it up. I felt bad and self-conscious about my skimpy budget, and I knew that I was most definitely not a florist's ideal client. However, I do wish that some of the florists I spoke with had been a little kinder. I felt bad to begin with, and I felt worse every time I got laughed at, sneered at, or ignored. I went through a lot of phone consultations, e-mails, and in-store consultations, and had earnestly begun to Google "weddings with no flowers."

Then, on our last trip to Pittsburgh, in a last-ditch final attempt, I found the right florist for us. HOORAY! We are using Parkway Florist, and I could not be any happier about the choice. This photo of Cheryl's beautiful work totally sold me:


I've mentioned already that the whole color scheme for our wedding was built around the idea of a dark red bridal bouquet. I told Cheryl that I was imagining a fluffy, full bouquet, using flowers that have lots of petals. I brought in these inspiration pictures....



and we decided that my bouquet will be made of freedom red roses, black magic roses, red dahlias, burgundy dahlias, and red hypericum berries. It will have a ivory-satin-wrapped stem with pearl pins.

(Roses and burgundy dahlia from here, red dahlia from here.)

For the girls' bouquets, I was hoping for the same sort of style: fluffy, full, ruffly petals. I showed Cheryl this photo from Style Me Pretty, which really demonstrated the multi-colored, jewel-toned look I'm trying to get.


So here's what we came up with....

(Top row: 1, 2, 3. Middle row: 1, 2, 3. Bottom row: 1, 2, 3, 4.)

Various purple, deep pink, and burgundy shades of dahlias, ranunculus, and stock, as well as a few freedom red roses. Like the Style Me Pretty bouquet, the bridesmaids' bouquets will also have green (unopened) hypericum berries to break up the jewel tones and give it a little pop against their red dresses.

I AM SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS!!!! Considering I had seriously started to think that flowers weren't going to be possible at all, I am gleeful that I found someone who does beautiful work at great prices. I seriously get a little thrill of excitement every time I read over our floral agreement.

Centerpieces are a topic for another post, but for now, DAHLIAS! ROSES! EEEEEE!!!!

What was your hardest vendor to find?

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