Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet the Steel City Couple!

HI INTERNET! I am very excited to be here, starting my wedding blog. I think a few introductions are in order.

Barely a month into my freshman year of college, my best friend dragged me to a grimy frat party, insisting that there was a guy there that she was absolutely sure I would like. She had met him in the university marching band (he was a tenor saxophonist, incidentally)and had been telling me about him for weeks, swearing up and down that he was just my type. I really didn't want to go to the party--I had to change out of my sweatpants first, a major sacrifice--but she was persuasive. I went. Unbeknownst to us, it was a toga party, and I showed up in a pink polo shirt. I felt pretty awkward, but my best friend was insistent, and she made the introduction between us.

Well, seven years later, I'm marrying the toga-clad wonder I met that night (and the friend who introduced us is a bridesmaid!). Although neither of us are from southwestern Pennsylvania, we met at our beloved University of Pittsburgh, dated there for four years, and hope to live there permanently in the not-very-distant future, so getting married there was a natural choice. We're having a wedding that I hope will be fun, whimsical, joyful, and beautiful!

We have had an adventurous life together so far--after college in Pittsburgh, we moved to Las Vegas for three years, then moved back to the East Coast. We are now currently living in fabulous Boston!

I love random facts, so here are a few pieces of trivia to help you get to know my groom and me: He loves The Simpsons, the Steelers, video games, microbrewed beer, hot dogs, and any kind of pirate mythology. His two greatest fears are Bigfoot and natural disasters. He has a scar on his abdomen, and the first time I saw it, he told me it was from being bitten by an alligator in Florida (it was actually from a stomach surgery he had as an infant). As for me, I have a crippling sweet tooth and take a lot of guilty pleasure in celebrity gossip magazines. My all-time favorite television show is My So-Called Life (holla, 90s children!). I am so compulsively organized that I can't eat M&Ms until I put them in rainbow order and I'm a sucker for top 40 pop music.

Finally, a few pictures:

These were taken in the midst of the second cross-country move we've undertaken together, when we stopped for a few days in Chicago! (source: me.)

I'm so excited to be blogging here!

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