Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Great Location Debate, Part 2

So, when I last left off, the Steel City Groom and I had our hearts set on a Pittsburgh wedding, but the Steel City Parents were not exactly over the moon about it. As you can see, though, a Pittsburgh wedding it did indeed turn out to be. Why?

Well, this is one of the reasons:

Folks, this is the assortment of Pittsburgh paraphernalia you will find in a quick ten-minute sweep of our apartment. And our apartment ain't big. We seriously, seriously love it there. My groom and I were undeniably, totally, nonstop excited by the prospect of getting married in our favorite city, and my parents felt pretty swayed by how enthusiastic we were.

The real clincher, though, is this place:

Sources: here, here, and here.

Heinz Chapel. This site is the chapel affiliated with our alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. Holy smokes, is it gorgeous or what?! It's special, too; you have to be linked to the University to hold your wedding ceremony there. And not only are we linked to the University, we are linked to this chapel like WHOA. Steel City Groom was a singer in the Heinz Chapel Choir for all four years of our college career, and performed in the chapel several times per year. Since I have been dating him since approximately five minutes after the beginning of our freshman year, I therefore attended every single concert he ever performed in there. We have spent a lot of time in Heinz Chapel together, and we (and especially him) desperately wanted to get married there.

So when we were still hashing out the big details of where and when, my parents asked us to explain, definitively, why this location was so important to us. And the Steel City Groom told them, very sweetly and thoughtfully, "Well, it's basically because this is the only thing I've ever dreamed of as far as a wedding is concerned. I don't really care about almost any of the details, but I always hoped I could get married in Heinz Chapel."

........COME ON. Who wouldn't be convinced by THAT?! And Pittsburgh it was.

Oh, by the way. Still don't believe me about how much my groom loves Heinz Chapel? Exhibit A:

He already owns a miniature ceramic version of it.
I rest my case.

What does the wedding location you chose mean to you and your fiance?


  1. Hi SteelCityBride! I just clicked over from wedding bee. I'm a Pitt grad student and my husband is a Pitt Alum and was in the Varsity Marching Band 2001-2006. He played the trombone. :D Anyway, you should definitely check out She used to be around the weddingbee boards and had a GORGEOUS Heinz Chapel Wedding and is doing her recaps now. Good luck, have fun! ~JeniRae

  2. Thanks JeniRae! I've seen her blog--her wedding was indeed gorgeous!