Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Sea Creatures Walked Into a Bar......

About a month ago, Mrs. Dahlia let the Boston bees know that she'd be in town for a few days, and was wondering if anyone might be interested in getting together for some dinner and drinks. Miss Seahorse and I took her up on the offer, and it turns out that Miss Seahorse is exactly as fun and nice and interesting as she seems on her blog (which is to say, very!). So, now we are blog-turned-real-life friends. The Internet is magical!

Anyway, MOH/Sister Lauren was in town visiting me for a few days, and she and Bridesmaid/Cousin Katie are both avid Weddingbee readers, so I texted Seahorse to see if she was around. She was! So she and Fancee came over to my house and we all drank wine and talked about weddings (and some other stuff)! Lauren and Katie were extremely thrilled to meet a real live Weddingbee blogger in the flesh (I mean, other than me--I am not exciting to them).

Fun fact about Seahorse and Fancee: they are both tiny. Like, kind of elfin, actually. They're both a solid six inches shorter than I am. I think it's probably better that the three of us didn't take a picture together, because it might have looked scary, like I was going to eat them both after the photo op was done. But I do have some other pictures!

Weddingbee spouses-to-be, totally game for Internet-friend meetups. Daffodil, however, had to be bribed onto the arm of the couch with a piece of Pirate's Booty. She is mid-chew.

I said, "make those faces you always make on your blog," and they knew exactly what I was talking about. Ha!

Here are Seahorse and Daffodil bonding. My dog is basically a marshmallow with legs.

I didn't have any bee, seahorse, or octopus items for us to hold up. So, instead, we held up Mr. Octo's Hans Moleman, Captain America, and Doctor Who toys, and Daffodil's stuffed sheep. Use your imagination.

Then, after Seahorse and Fancee left, Lauren prank-called our dad (who is a regular hunter) pretending to be the ten-point buck that eludes him every hunting season. We're both really broke. You have to make your own fun.

Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us, Seahorse and Fancee! It was super fun! Also, PS: we got a sneak peek of their wedding invitations and wedding dresses, and it's all fabulous. You're going to love it!

Have you made any friends through Weddingbee?

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